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Welcome to Women's League of Chinland (WLC)

WLC focuses on Chin women (from Burma) capacity building through workshops, training programs, safe houses and income generation. Additionally in the promotion of women’s participation in politics through lobbying and advocacy campaigns regionally and internationally.

The Works of WLC:

Health education:

WLC started basic health training chin children as many as they can, since 2009 with the support of HART. While doing so, WLC brought basic medical needs as many as possible; such as pain killers, vitamins, and deworming tablets for children.

Chin people long to meet the WLC’s health workers and representatives though they were not recognized by any Government. They long to hear what the WLC representatives said in guiding them for looking after their own heath as basic health training. Though the representatives of the WLC impart basic information, they are happy to hear as they hardly were taught such information to such remote villages. Lacking the awareness, the people are infected repeatedly and in multitudes by many communicable diseases, not knowing how to look after themselves without any medical help, but to prevent themselves through hygienic measures, taking of balance diet, and the importance to drink much of clean water may seem to be very simple but these are the urgent need of the people in the villages of the Chin state due to not attending schools at adequate level and not being given awareness enough by the SPDC. Knowing the situation, the FBR, HART of UK granted WLC for doing such important task since 2009 till date. As such the pictures posted were done through the help of HART, and the CSW for giving 5 cameras, UNSW one camera to WLC.

WLC also did publication for basic health information needed for the people with the supports of WEAVE in 2009.


WLC, with UNSW organized trainings on Counseling, advocacy, and livelihood for members of different organizations within Mizoram and Manipur and also few women from Chin State in 2009 and 2010.

WLC was able to send few trainees in each year when GHAP organized training.

WLC also organized a constitution and Gender based equality in 2009 funded by Global Fund for Women.

Helping vulnerable women at the Safe House:

With the help of BRC, WLC has been working to help many women under difficult situation by giving a shelter called safe house. WLC has a counselor who stays in the safe house and her assistant. There are always two clients in alternative times regularly. Most of the women WLC helped were with different problems especially were domestic violence.

WLC also helps with the support of UNSW, Australia since January 2010 women, especially singled parents who are unable to look after themselves when they were sick, and unable to support their children’s education.


WLC started supporting the Chin children since 2008 by giving materials to 7 villages along the border and again supported with teachers to poorer villages in the year 2009-2010 March with the help of “Children on the Edge”. In 2009 with the help of Children on the Edge, WLC covered 49 villages supporting with materials.

Now WLC is able to establish a school in Delhi for Chin Refugee children as supported by “Children on the Edge”

WLC also conducted basic computer course in the office charging minimum fee from each trainee in the office. There were six registered trainees. Amongst them 2 were male.

WLC is focusing to help the poorer of the poorest children’s education as much as possible within Mizoram and Chin State.

Nutritional support to Chin famine affected villages:

As famine affect many parts of Chin state in addition to the prolong poverty, WLC had also marched and help those famine affected areas giving pulses(dal), rice, edible oil, sugar, nutrella, etc.

Working with Chin Civil Society inside Chin State:

Being in touch with the people of Chin through education and basic health training, WLC came to know more about the needs of the people and the people are looking very much forwards WLC with great hope for helping them as their needs are of much. Therefore, the members of WLC are ready to act as a bridge for the people and work for them such as to help constructing their water wells, for drawing clean water by pipes, helping to construct hydro electric power generation, construction of school building etc.

Income Generation of WLC:

WLC worked to make beautiful bags from woven materials and were shown with the respective prices in the gallery.

WLC Aims Map of Burma with Chin State highlighted